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Help me to check this gibson les paul studio tribute


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im going to buy this guitar next month, but i doubt like 2 things in this guitar, first, the tuners, 95% website that i visits said that it comes with grover kluson tuner, but it didnt, we can see that this guitar has a gibson deluxe tuner, and the second is a pickup selector cap, it aint white color cap, but its like an amber/orange color.

but from the serial number i put into guitardateproject, it said that it was made on nashville, tn factory, but the hardware was different

sorry for my bad english

i'll give you the link from the seller, please look at those photo

i need your help



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The Gibson website states that they come with vintage tuners and that is what is on this guitar,any other website stating otherwise would be wrong.the switch cap will be a creme color, not white, but if you don't like it it's any easy thing to replace.


so Gibson will give us the different specs for each guitar, like they made 40 guitars per day, 20 comes with grover and the rest comes up with Gibson deluxe tuner?

but from the photos, are you saying that is a genuine Gibson or a fake one?

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