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What a LR Baggs Para Di box will do?


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I believe s lot of the "sound difference" has a a lot to do with your current set up. If you have a good quality active pick up in the guitar (active pick ups will have a battery in the guitar) and one of the better acoustic amps....then you may not need a DI box or a pre-amp box. If your plugged in sound is weak or has hum or you have big feedback problems then a DI box can help by matching impedance's of different components, help feedback and hum by using phase inversion, adjust gain. Some will give you EQ adjustment and phantom power for mics.


really the best way to find out if the box will help your sound and give you the amplified tone you want is to try it.

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Nodehopper is correct. It is not a "must have" for acoustic guitar. It really depends on what your setup is -- if you have an active pickup in your guitar (battery powered), then you likely don't need a Para DI unless you want the EQ capabilities.


I have been playing through a Baggs Venue preamp/DI the past year and I've never really bonded with it. It colors my guitar tone too much for my liking. plugging straight into my california Blonde amp sounds much better to me. I used the Venue when going to the mixing board when playing in my band -- other than that, going straight into my amp yielded a more natural sound. If I need to EQ, I just use the amp's EQ.


Since my guitar pickup is active, I prefer to go through a simple passive DI then into the mixing board when gigging. The passive DI doesn't get in the way of the guitar's natural sound.

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I wonder what a Di box like LR Baggs Para will do comparing to plugging the guitar straight to the amp.

Sounds any difference?

Like a EQ pedal?

Is that a must have for acoustic amplification?



I have 2 of them ... one for my National Tricone and one for my Epi Masterbuilt. Both go through PA. ... these are simple, bullet-proof, reliable and incredibly nuclear for acoustic sound \:D/

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