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patent number 498T?

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I received a '91 LP Studio for my birthday. Not really sure who owned it previously. The bridge pickup was quite microphonic at live band volumes (but sounded great at bedroom volumes), so I took it out and replaced it. The '91 studio should have a 498T in the bridge. The DC resistance of this pickup is 14.26K. Did Gibson make 498Ts with the patent number stamp on them?

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The 498T does not have a PAF sticker/patent number on the back. Your guitar would normally have two patent applied for humbuckers installed, as your guitar is an early LP studio. Please see the differences attached.

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post-15276-005026800 1344607042_thumb.jpg

post-15276-093648500 1344607042_thumb.jpg

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Hi StijnV, Thanks for your reply. My Studio has an ebony fretboard, and was built in 1991, according to the S/N (91631400). The neck pickup has a Gibson USA logo, and the specs you attached lead me to believe it would have come with a 498T in the bridge, on which I also expected a gibson USA logo, rather than the patent number stamped. Isn't the DC resistance a little high for a PAF type? Should I conclude that sometime before I acquired the guitar the bridge pickup was swapped with an older patent number pickup, or is it possible that it came from the factory that way?



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