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On Saturday I visited one of my oldest friends for a guitar day...he just got a very good ebay deal on a Laney 50w 2x10 valve combo and a guitar - which he didn't want to keep. So I bought it off him for £200, inc a gigbag. I don't need another guitar but folks, how could I miss this completely unexpected bargain in front of me?!


It's a Shine SHC-909TO, made in Korea (reputedly in same factory as Epi). I've put 11-48s on today. Proper Grovers, real Bigsby, scarf neck/head joint, all solidly made and well finished. The gold plating on the Bigsby is so thin I accidentally rubbed some off with a tissue. There's a bit of vibration acoustically due to the wiring inside touching the top - they used plenty of wire in there! The pickups sound good and I've always wanted a Bigsby, so I'm chuffed. [cool] Not sure what particular Gretsch it is based on though.....?






Whaddya think?

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