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Les Paul limited Edition Special, Single Cut

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I've bought several Epiphone guitars over the past few months and I must

say that I am generally very impressed with the quality and price.


My last purchase was a Les Paul 'Limited Edition' Special, Single Cut, in

Wine Red with 2 x P90's, with seperate bridge and tailpiece.


I'm very pleased with the guitar, but when I compare it with my Epiphone

Les Paul 'Limited Edition' '57 Reissue junior, in TV Yellow, I've noticed

that the body of the Special is about half an inch thinner than the Junior.


Is this historically correct?, if not, why is it so much thinner?

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I believe the '57 reissue should be a thicker body than the special.

I can't recall the dimensions, but I know the old '57 Gibson LP Junior I had

sported a pretty hefty body, about as thick as a LP Standard without the maple cap.

No worries there! So how's the '57 Reissue sound?


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