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Are Musicians overwhelmingly any particular signs?


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Just wondering, I don't place too much import on signs generally, but you know whats weird? I recently found out that of the 5 people at my company who hold the same title (as me) of Product Manager, 4 of us are the same sign.


Got me thinking, wondering if guitarists tend to be any particular sign(s)

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I see this as a VERY interesting, and fun (but probably meaningless) poll. I hope EVERYONE votes, and the results could be very surprising.


A few hundred votes should be an accurate cross-section, how many members do we have here?


Come on everybody, cast your ballot!

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While this poll is fun I'd like to point a few things out.


We must know how many people each year are born under each sign to properly deduce what percentage of each sign become musicians. My following statistics are completely made up by myself, but prove my point.


Let's say 3,000 people each year are born as a Sagittarius, 500 of these people become musicians.


1,000 people are born each year as Libras. 300 of these Libras become musicians.


A poll is done only on musicians. It would seem by this poll if you are born as a Sagittarius you are more likely to become a musician, when in fact the opposite is actually true.


I'd also like to point out that this poll is about musicians, when in fact it is being done mainly on Gibson loving Guitar players (I say mainly because our forum does have a few exceptions.)



I also think Astrology is total BS.

But this is a fun poll and interesting nonetheless.

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Some of my famous Libra brethren. I'm in decent company.


Liszt, Franz (22 October 1811)

Morton, Jelly Roll (20 October 1890)

Gershwin, George (26 September 1898)

Autry, Gene (29 September 1907)

Monk, Thelonious (10 October 1917)

Gillespie, Dizzy (21 October 1917)

Blakey, Art (11 October 1919)

Montand, Yves (13 October 1921)

Berry, Chuck (18 October 1926)

Silverstein, Shel (25 September 1930)

Andrews, Julie (1 October 1935)

Jackson, Wanda (20 October 1937)

Nico (16 October 1938)

Lennon, John (9 October 1940)

Simon, Paul (13 October 1941)

Petty, Tom (20 October 1950)

Sting (2 October 1951)

Geldof, Bob (5 October 1951)

Vaughan, Stevie Ray (3 October 1954)

Ma, Yo-Yo (7 October 1955)

Yoakam, Dwight (23 October 1956)

Yankovic, Weird Al (23 October 1959)

Marsalis, Wynton (18 October 1961)

Lee, Tommy (3 October 1962)

Smith, Will (25 September 1968)

Stefani, Gwen (3 October 1969)

Ginuwine (15 October 1970)

Dogg, Snoop (20 October 1971)

Wyclef Jean (17 October 1972)

Mayer, John (16 October 1977)

Usher (14 October 1978)

Lavigne, Avril (27 September 1984)

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44 members have cast a vote...HOW PITIFUL!


Come on people, it's not like you're being asked for your address, phone number or SS#. You don't even have to write a comment or explanation, just click a vote, it's totally anonymous.


This forum has 41,000 registered members, 1317 with over 100 posts, 255 with over 1000 posts, and yet only 44 of us have voted. I'm ashamed.

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