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Hey guys, did you read/heard abt this news today?


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Hey guys, did you read/heard abt this news today? I might have post this in the wrong area, but this is the area I'm most familiar with anyway.


Gibson Guitar settles federal case


I remember a while ago, maybe earlier this year or something, I've received an email from Gibson's CEO, saying the US Federal has accused them of using illegal imported wood, and was stressing that they DIDN'T buy any illegal wood, was also asking people to sign up to contest against the case.


Now, from the news, they have to pay a fine, and the court "maintained Gibson was aware that it was purchasing illegally cut endangered woods from Madagascar's protected national parks."


Kind of interesting, I think there might be a bit of politics involved, what will happened to the Gibson's reputation? Don't know.

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Myself, I don't think it'll hurt Gibson's rep.

There's no telling if they knowingly purchased illegal products, I'm guessing the deal they made to pay that large fine is probably

cheaper than fighting it in court and possibly having legal charges brought against Gibson and/or it's employees.

I just wonder what effect it will have on Gibson owners that have purchased the instruments that the "illegal" wood was used on.

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"The group's efforts helped bring about amendments to the Lacey Act that since 2008 have made it illegal to knowingly import wood that's been harvested and exported in violation of the laws of another country."


I read this as they thought it was Indian but India got the wood from other sources?

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