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Custom J 200 Review


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Yep, I played a J-200 custom rosewood that appeared in my local git shop. It sounded friggin amazing. Thought the jumbo body with rosewood b/s would be muddy, but no sir. Increadibly rich, deep tone but with great clarity and note seperation.


This one sounds very similar to the one I played. Even though it cost around $4k it lasted only a week ...

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Holy moley. That is just gorgeous. [drool]


As nice as the adi top is though, I think I might prefer it with a pickguard. The top looks so clean -- almost Taylorish -- without one. I suppose I could get used to it though.... [wink]

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Big K ,


good to see you .

any Gas lately ?


Hi JC.


I've been pretty busy for a couple weeks - just doing the occasional check in now and then. Unfortunately no time for shop visits.


I very much appreciate you pointing out some of your finds. I'm making a list. . B)




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