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Very unusual EH-150, original era modified


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Hi there. I'm a new member and this is my first (non-introduction) post.


I recently purchased (sight unseen) a circa 1936, EH-150 amp, from an antique/estate store in Cloverdale, CA. This amp was owned by a WWII veteran, small town music teacher, who passed away recently. The amp was found in his storage unit. By the condition of the extension cable that was added to the speaker, we're guessing that it hasn't seen the light of day in over 50 years. During the war, the owner sent it back home, to Calistoga, CA, by writing the info on the back of the amp with a marker.


Now the odd part. It appears that this amp was modified, right around the time it was made. There are 2 additional, made in USA "Thordarson" transformers and quite a few additional capacitors, inside. The transformers caused the amp not to fit in the speaker box facing outward. The middle tubes were removed and the amp was slid in backward. Those tubes, and some extras were stored inside the amp, rolled up in a piece of blanket that seems as old as the amp. I had my tech look it over. He said that all the parts are from the same era as the amp, but without disassembling it, he couldn't tell me what it was it was made to do.



Does anyone have any idea what I might have???? I am truly perplexed. I want to sell it to a collector, I just need to know more about it before I do.


I know it's a lot to ask, but any help, anyone could give would be so very appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

post-46090-035271600 1344393928_thumb.jpg

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