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35th anniversary LP from the estate of Les Paul

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My linkI recently purchased a few items from the estate of Les Paul and one of them is an unfinished 35th anniversary LP, I decided I wanted to have this restored and make it a "player" and not just a wall hanger. I figured I would share the restoration on here. I contacted Tom Murphy and he has agreed to do the resto on it. The guitar was shipped to him right from the auction house and we have started hammering out the details of the resto. the guitar is routed for a humbucker in the bridge position and two single coils in the mid and neck position, Tom has been in contact with Seymore Duncan and he is going to be making at least the single coils for it, we are thinking of making them stacked humbuckers. He is going to use the parts that came with the guitar like the Bigsby, tuners and any other switches or pots that came with it. The color we decided on is a deep red almost a blood red transparent finish, I know all of the 35th anniversarys were black but the hardware that is on it is a nickle finish and wouldn't look very good with black. Tom said the guitar is in good shape the only repairs it needs at this time is a small binding repair on the horn of the cutaway. I'll post more pics as they come in from Tom.
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