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Hey guys. I've recently purchased a sweet sweet SG doubleneck in some variation sunburst. I've attempted to take a few photos but nevertheless my photographic skills have destroyed the attempt and doesn't do the actual guitar any justice.






The 6 string has the best SG vibe I have ever heard, and the neck has the perfect profile.



One thing that does quiz me is that the certificate of authenticity is that the guitar was named as a ES-1275, which doesn't really make any sense since its not a semi hollow construction, and searching it on gibson.com or google won't make anything turn up.


If you guys can help with identifying this guitar, I would appreciate it greatly.

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The specifications of this guitar are as follows:


It’s a custom order 70’s style EDS-1275 (notice the volute on back of each headstock). The pickups are Custom Buckers, the hardware is Nickel, and the color is Vintage Sunburst with V.O.S. treatment.




These are all the specs.




I have attached the specs of the "standard" EDS-1275; just for reference.

Kind regards,



post-15276-021816400 1345034259_thumb.jpg

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