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Into battle with the SWD


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I arranged, with a friend, to go to an open mike session at a local pub yesterday afternoon.


Our usual open mike evening, at a different pub, is all acoustic, no amps, sit around a play and join in. Very civilised. However, when we arrived yesterday there were more amps, electrics, drum kits etc. than you could shake a stick at. We had brought no amplification.


So after a load rock band, we were told to go on next. Plugged the SWD and my friend's Martin DX1 straight into the PA. No sound check, no set up - straight in.


I have gigged the SWD a couple of times, it was through a Bose and after much fiddling with tone controls.


But yesterday it was no frills, straight into battle. Both guitars sounded good - (I think it's a Baggs on the DX1 with no eq) but the SWD was fantastic. Great balance and very little need for eq. Each guitar contrasted the other very well.


BTW, on the strength of yesterday's efforts, we've been asked to do a proper gig at the pub which we are both really excited about.


I know this is not scientific but I was really impressed with how it performed. I've said before I chose this guitar as an all-rounder and it passed yesterday's test with flying colours.

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Very Nice Brother ! The SWD is a fantastic instrument. You know, either my custom shop J-45 is not as great as I think it is, or the SWD is really just that good. Compared side by side, the SWD plays and sounds just as, if not, better.


Amazing guitar.


Post a link to a you tube vid or similar when you can !

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Thanks for the words of encouragement. They are very much appreciated. We'll have to see about youtube clips. I have an old digital video which produces crap sound and have no idea at all how I would download/upload etc.


However, never one to shirk a challenge.......we both have children who know about this stuff so that should help..............or "XMAS WILL BE CANCELLED!!"

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Upon first reading of this thread I thought AJ's lost it again, forgotten that a guitar is called "an axe"( elsewhere on this forum) as a nickname.


Putting the mental picture of Butch Chartered Acoountant striding into the fray waving his Songwriter to one side I have to say that I am impressed by his gigging!


Open MIcs are one thing but getting bookings!!!


Are you getting paid AJ?


The last gig I did was at a pub in Frome 35 years ago and my ears still ring with the raucous bellowing of the landlord as he tried to extricate us from his lounge bar!


Good for you AJ!


When you get to play the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone I will come and buy one of your CDs!


And maybe a tee shirt!

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