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My first Build


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its pretty Rad! I'd never assembled so much as a birdhouse, so this was a giant leap of faith. I probably did a lot of things backwards, and have no business on the cover of Guitar-a-roonie Afficianado, but LP Jrs have always been Punk Rock, so any imperfections just make it that much more 'mine' she plays great!!!!!!!




That LP looks great! How does it play and sound?


Nice job and cool pics

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thanks for the kind words.


yes. your eye is good that was from PGK. When I placed my order i originally ordered two LP Jr DCs. He was unable to send two, and offered to #1 refund the money, or #2 send me an additional kit in about 3 weeks when he would have more made. shipped at his cost.


Instead, i opted for a Jr kit instead to get started.


from the time of order to shipment, i would say about 5-6 days. these were shipped to New Mexico.


For the LP Jr DC he dry fit was tight! glue was almost a formality. i noticed for the SG, it was not as such, but still a good fit. plenty of titebond and clamps make this a ringer no matter what.


Fingerboard is aces. no trouble spots from top to bottom.


I could have made an even better finish if I had taken more time, but I was just so happy to be making something with heart and soul that I couldn't wait. leave the perfect finishes to folks with spray guns and patience. I just wanted to see what would happen.


the raw wood does require sanding, and more sanding, but its a great kit.


I ordered lots of parts from Stew Mac, and they're good guys too. slower on the delivery but they've got everything.


i love the axe!






DUDE! That Is Awesome!




I got a couple of questions for you then,


1. how long did it take to ship?

2. How is the over all Neck joint fit dry?

3. Is the finger board fit and finish all they talk it up to be?

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