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One of my favorite acoustic things, Al Dimeola...just in case some have never heard this.

When I first heard it on the radio ..early 80's or so, I sniffed it down like a hound dog...it smelled like Al Dimeola but wasn't sure nor which album.

Missed on one try but got it after by springing for double album.

It is nice,as each guitar is on seperate tracks,and can be heard nice & clear.


I used to work the night shift at fathers deli (nyc) & used to practice guitar in the back every night when my wife came in.

One of our customers a nice girl we were friendly with,one day says to me..you play guitar...my boyfriend is looking for a guitar player maybe your interested.

And I said oh yeah. She then says his name is Al Dimeola,have ever heard of him?

And like the true coward I said..oh no..I cant go play with him..

I probably would have hardly lasted the first minutes of the audition.



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Its for reasons just like this that you have a flat spot on your forehead, upon which to land the slap. Doh !!! ](*,)


So true..It it there and has gotten substantially larger over the years.

I may not have made it as his backing guitar player..but looking back, he sure could a used a good screaming singer.

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