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I never really felt for this song till this movie...man I love that movie..and this song.

if there is one movie id like to jump into & disappear in times of trouble its this one.

Kind of my Willoughby (Twilight Zone "A Stop at Willoughby" 1960)


This is a brief but excellent scene.And crystal clear sound.

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Rod..you gotta be kidding man.

Have you seen that movie... you couldn't have and not liked it : )

And I dont mean the watered down chopped up US Tv version.

I am a big follower of the world according to Richard Curtis.

And there are a lot a great tunes in that movie..even the background music is excellent in it.

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Great song, I think its almost mandatory for an acoustic act to have this song in their reportoire. here's our more stripped back effort from an old gig ..


btw: Love Notting Hill, like 'Love Actually' its one of those films you could watch over dozens of times ... with the Mrs of course.


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Tarr..I may begin playing it like that..but if I don't get those images of Hugh Grant walking through that Portobello Road market in Notting Hill in my head while doing it, Ill probably revert back to the original. : )

Larry..you don't like that movie either?

Its all about peace & love ..The most violent part is Julia Roberts throwing something to the floor..no explosions..no hate..

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