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funny stuff on the LP forum


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so what are some funny things people have done or said in the forum lately.


i'd have to say the funniest thing i have seen lately was when someone was talking about customizing their guitar and said "i don't want it to look like an axe or something though."




axe (the member dude)


"hey! no. just no. O:)

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That's oilPIT to you

Nicknames are a privilege, I have no problem with Axe and Ian (and all the other originals, but those two are the ones who love to play with my name) calling me that but you gotta stick around for a while before you can call me anything other than oilpit

Thank you very much,


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oh yeah i was talking to someone the other day about hendrix and mentioned he played a fender. their reply was no way! he totally played a gibson stratocaster! haven't you seen any of the pictures or videos of him?

haha he really had know idea what he was talking about.

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