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I just got this Maxon AD-9 Pro in the mail! My first impressions are that it sounds AMAZING and is really cool looking! It's really well built and I'm totally confident about gigging with it.




This pedal seems to be very well designed (here's where I get a little nerdy). This delay uses a compander circuit which reduces the noise that is common to analog delays. With most analog delays you turn up the delay time and you start to get some hiss and maybe even clock noise. This pedal is absolutely 100% silent throughout the entire delay range, which I find pretty awesome.


The repeats are dark but really clear and precise. Even with the delay level turned all the way up the repeats never overpower the original guitar signal. This is probably the best delay I've ever used in that respect. It's ridiculously good for that David Gilmour esque solo delay because it stays in the background until you stop playing so it just fills up space.


It's also really great for the rhythmic U2 style stuff. The repeats are dark but also amazingly clean for an analog delay. It has the perfect range of delay times for these sounds too.


The controls are sort of limited, but it's super easy to dial in the sounds I'm looking for. This pedal isn't for knob twiddlers you just sort of plug in and play.


Can you tell I'm excited about it?


Anyways, I'm gonna stop talking now and go make some space noises

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