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Spotted: Swingster Black Royale

Elias Graves

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All in all very nice. The roller bridge and Chet arm are welcome additions. The pickups were the real winners, though. Very nice sounding and the cool split mode switches to series wiring. The single coils are louder than the humbuckers!


The black pearl paint is gorgeous. The sparkle binding looks a little cheap to me, however.


I'd easily put it on par with a gretsch Electromatic.

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We just got one in at our store too, Elias ... the first time I've had the chance to play one.


Sure, we were all kidding around: calling it the "Gretschaphone" and the "Epigretsch", but the fact is, this guitar kicks my 5120's A$$! The pickups and wiring are just superb ... from big, booming "boing" to silky smooth, jazz box tones. It handles high volume and overdrive like a champ and it is stunningly tuning-stable with Bigsby use. This is one hell of an axe!


I've been on a semi/hollowbody aquisition kick lately. During the last two months I've gotten a Sheraton, a 50th Anniversary Casino and a Dot ... now THIS THING has to come along! [rolleyes]


Try one out if you get the chance, guys!



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