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Bicenntenial Firebrd Iron-On


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My wife and I were going through some old boxes of artwork last night in search of my late 60's/early 70's Hippy-Trippy blacklight posters (which we did find). We also found a rare piece of Gibson guitar memorabilia.


This was to commemorate the release of the Bicentennial (1976) Firebird. It was originally an iron-on transfer, I guess to make your own t-shirt or something. I never wanted to apply it to something as temporary as a t-shirt, so I had it mounted to a piece of black matte board.


I thought you all might enjoy seeing this piece of Gibson historical memorabilia.



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I remember 8th street music in Philly having their one and only BicentennialBird behind glass. I couldn't even breathe looking at that thing. It was almost a thousand dollars? Maybe I don't remember right.


Nice Patch!



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