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A Pair of Lenny Kravitz Performances


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Juan Hows it going.. : )

I always thought this guy was over rated from the commercial stuff they shoved down our throats on the radio over here but that second performance is nice.

Really good voice..I like it.

The music is a little like some Sade.



NIck ,



acoustic he does pretty good stuff. I don't think he is overrated but the intimate side of Lenny doesn't get shown that much .

I asked for an update on the 1938 SJ 200 . so I'll keep you posted . here is another youtube clip where he played a song for a fan in France :





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Thanks Juan.That was nice to see..if she is a big fan it will be a special thing for her to remember...unless he ends up dating & marrying her : )


If Gibson tells you it hasn't really been put together yet, I would ring up and ask if they would please give some special attention to the top.. so that it is as responsive & sensitive as they are able to make her.

After all, we've been waiting a damn long time : ) And being that it is going to be one of the only leftys..it should be outstanding.

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