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High Gain SS amps?

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I'm not a Death or Pantera fanboy by any means, but i have to confess i like the sound of a solid state growl. There's something distinctive in there that's completely lacking in the more recent 8-string-through-6505 generation of metal music.


I've also gathered they're cheaper and theoretically lower maintenance.

But am i missing something else? Or are valves mostly just popular for their clearer and more melodic sound?



And yes, i have the experience of a 4-year-old bassist.

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the new Acoustic SS amps seem to be getting pretty good reviews. My brother in-law bought one, which allowed him to finally fulfill one of his dreams..

throw his Peavey Bandit out of his car window on the interstate..

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Back in the mid-90's, I bought a Fender M-80 Pro half stack. That was a versatile amp. From Fender cleans to Dimebag Randall distortion. I sold it because I was changing to a different genre of music. I sold it to a friend, with an agreement of selling it back to me if I ever wanted it again. Years later, I called to get it back, he changed his mind. Haven't talked to him much since.

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