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Hey everybody.


A little over a year ago, I found myself with a 1993 Les Paul Studio, with a broken headstock.


Got it for $600. May have overpaid a bit, but i'm fine with it.


When it arrived, this is what it looked like:





Well, being the way I am, my first thought was mods. Just aesthetic mods to make it more custom and pleasing.


It quickly became this (I apologize for bad iPod photos):





Which then became this:





And for a few months, was finalized as this:





I had it like that for a few months, but as you can see in the last photo on the horn, the finish was not in good shape.


A little checking is not a problem with me, huge chips? They are.


So I asked my dad to take it to a local luthier for a refinish.


Soon, it became this:




Which then became this:





After that, she became this:





And that's where she's at now!


Just figured i'd give you guys a little eye candy.




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Pretty cool job, was the headstock repaired? By you or the seller, if done right , it ends up alot stronger, or so I've read.


I did a little magic and got GC to repair it for free. It wasn't pretty, but after the refin it'll look good as new.


very nice how it goes from "it" to "she" during your narrative!


Ha! Good catch.

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