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Review of Tempest - Bob's new one


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thanks FB , hope the guy's right in his findings there . sounds promising enough .

you wouldnt wanna fluff your 35th album celebrating 50 years in showbusiness with a lame duck

haha...what about the 45 verse jobbie on the sinking of the Titanic!....old Gordy wasn't even trying with the "Edmund Fitzgerald"....

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Yea nice one FB,


you just know its gonna be good..maybe his last..lets hope not.


I am always suspicious/ weary of reading reviews before I listen to an album.. I like to make my own mind up on what a song maybe ABOUT,,, sometimes its obvious where the spark is coming from but I'm sure there will be many layered meanings to these songs.


A case in point was reading a review of one of Bob's recent albums ( cant think of name at mo ) and the reviewer was giving some actual lyrics from Working Mans Blues, he stated Bob was singing


" I'm listening to Stevie Ray's Hum, got my eyes tight shut"


when he's actually singing


" I'm listening to the steel rails hum "


which for me is much more emotive and blues.. ( never got Stevie Ray Vaughn... so maybe I hear it differnt..haha )


anyway really looking forward to this one.. cheers again FB

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