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That's a seriously solid build... What are you planning to load 'em with?


It was originally intended to be used as a stage prop with no speakers,but now it will be fitted with two Celestion BL12-200X bass speakers.


Finding the materials was a problem,the Vynide basketweave was previously not available in the UK and the Vox brown cloth came from Germany.


The horn box was stripped down yesterday and will be re-covered and assembled to look like a Vox amp with no electronics in it except for in and out sockets.


I managed to spoon an H/H PA150 amp into a '60s Vox Foundation amp for the same guy who now plays left handed for "Them Beatles".

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We look forward to the launch...


And subsequent soundclip... [thumbup]






Thank you Versatile,,,,,hopefully I'll have it finished next week,,,,,as to the sound clip,I won't demonstrate it,,,,,,I'll leave that to Joe Kane of Them Beatles.

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