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Vic 20 after the cleanup


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I admit it, I'm a geek, but both a new system and old system geek


So like - a bio-puter running quantum stuff..... and an abacus.


My current mobile phone has significantly more computing power than the mainframe computer I used to run medical stats analysis on back in the seventies - and it also makes 'phone calls, takes 8Mpix photos, uses GPS and browses the WWW.....


I can actually remember when BillG was quoted as saying 640k was more than enough memory for anyone - even though he never actually said that. However - shortly before I was born, Professor Douglas Hartree, who built the first differential analyzers in Blighty, said that in his opinion all the calculations that would ever be needed in the UK could be done on the three digital computers then being built in Britain, one each in Cambridge, Teddington, and Manchester.

No one else would ever need computers of their own, or would be able to afford to buy them


Ain't hindsight a wonderful thing [thumbup]

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