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New Original - Fly right over me


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gday...here's a gentle song for all you gentle pluckers out there.Been working on this for a couple of weeks and I think it can pass as a song now.Wrote it on the Martin OM but when I played it on the J-45 it sounded better...the versatile old workhorse wins out again.

If you like it let me know, if you don't ...post in invisible ink [smile]



If you fly across the world

Chances are you’ll fly right over me

I’m the guy distracted by

Every boat and train and plane I see


And when you stare a mountain down

Wayward kings renounce their crown

And go off to fish and sing

About the joy of not being king


Well wouldn’t you


Mr Satie can I steal your riff

And play this continental drift real low

Notes are cheap and air is free

Mix well for a melody to go


Cause 30000 feet is high

When you haven’t said goodbye

Clouds were made to hide behind

Time made us the hiding kind

I know you have to fly


A poet said the world was large

Seven seas from marge to marge

My friend

And the wildest dreams they dream in Kew

Are just the facts of Kathmandu so then


If your dream takes you so far

To old Tangiers or Zanzibar

Stretch out strong you gentle sun

You’ll shimmer and shine for everyone

Like you did for me

I wish you well


If you fly across the world

Chances are you’ll fly right over me

I’m the guy distracted by every boat and train and plane I see


Time to fly

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haha...i'm not much of a fighter...or lover [biggrin]

thanks BBG..yea the song probably came from those first two chords...maj7 somethings....it didnt come together till i stumbled on that descending riff...7xx770..6xx770...5xx770...4xx770.....bit of a Beatles Michelle feel?

that turned it into a song...glad you liked it.

one of my mates just commented on youtube that i've gone all cocktail lounge..haha bastard!

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Weeeeelllll, Mr Flatbaroque,


Saturday morning here, and listening to your song. Very nice, gentle, alot of emotions in it. You like what you do, dont you ?


Listening, I was thinking to myself, that this song could have been playing trought my cd player, as a brand new cd I've just bought. No kidding.

I really appeciate it.




Michel Marc

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With a handle/name like Flatbaroque you should join my friend's fantasy record label: The Church of the lost Profits...


Yes that Young whipper-snapper namesake of mine* did OK for himself.




*(Well alright, my real name isn't Neil and I'm not that old. But I'm guessing you are not really flat or even that Baroque...)

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Agree with others, the best thus far from FB. An excellent marriage of guitar melody, lyrics and vocals, well done ... six, full points, using an AFL term !


I liked your vocal approach on this in particular FB. You have theat very characteristic FB high pitched 'yelp, or is it a yodle?' in your voice from past recordings, and I always thought it was a nice tool, but best used sparingly to create some vocal dynamics ...exactly as you did here.


You have a very nice voice when sang softly as Im glad you are exploring it further. Good stuff ! [thumbup]

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