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NUT part of Les Paul Standard 2012

Holy Rock

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Hello, I hope you guys doing well.


I am bringing a question regaring "NUT part of Les Paul Standard 2012".

I purchased new Les Paul Standard 2012 model yesterday on-line.

Everythins is just perfect with finish, set-up and tuning etc. except NUT part.

while I was inspecting the guitar I have found some kind of crack marks(?) on the NUT part.

There are two crack marks that each mark run straight up parallelly on both up and down sides.

(but on diffrent hights of the nut...)

I am not sure this is normal or not...

Please please help me out to make this issue clear!!!


Many thanks!!!

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As the original owner, you could take the instrument and a copy of your receipt to your nearest authorized warranty service center to have an evaluation done on the instrument. If there was a warranty issue with the nut, the warranty service center would be able to take care of it for you. We have a link to warranty service centers in the "SUPPORT" section of gibson.com

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