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First i said ok ill look at the VM its cheap and sounds good

Then i said might as well go for the studio looks nicer and if im investing that much whats a little more?

went to guitar center yesterday and i played a standard (guess where this is going) it felt amazing and sounded amazing.

Now im afraid to try anything else haha but im thinking a desert burst standard is what ill be getting. Thats what i played and it was beautiful. Whats your favorite bursts?

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dont do it justin!


while i have no issues with any gibson guitar...i like hearing how people are giving the VM a look and they like it...


i have one...same pickups as the 08 standard...one of the greatest necks i have ever played...a lot more unique/cool and also a lot cheaper than a regular studio (i say alot because one is like 1 thousand and the other is like 12-1300? thats like a 30% increase in price for 4 lbs of paint???)


also nothing says fire-breathing kick-***...make music so cool and loud that your ears will bleed and then ask for more...like a les paul VM...plus they are so cheap that in 3 years when you can afford your CS R9 you can have both!

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rocketman' date=' that's not surprising. A lot of those guys just sell Gibson, they're not enthusiasts...if you will.

Honestly, I've taught two salespeople more about Gibson than they've taught me.

Great top, by the way. You too SB.[/quote']


Thanks for the info. Next time you come down my way maybe you can give them a seminar!! I got the Premium Plus at the HOG in Rochester. When I walked in and asked about a Les Paul, Bruce (the co-owner) hooked me up with his Gibson salesperson who was no older than 25. This person knew everything about Les Pauls and I was beyond impressed. Anyhow, I'm getting off topic here and this has been discussed a zilliion times.


Justin, bursts are certainly an important issue, but I would have never bought my Premium Plus if I wasn't completely satisfied with the sound.

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Nice guitars everybody, especially that one retrosurfer has.


Got it! Although I don't know why they came out sideways. Anyway. This is the first time I've posted pics. My 2007 Standard Lightburst. I love this one, but I think the Bourbonbursts of old are the prettiest.

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