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Recently I've seen some cherry red Gibson acoustics.

I know AXE® has a J185ec from the Custom Shop and I've seen a 67 RI of the J-45 and a 1996 Gospel all in cherry red.

Other than black are there any other custom colors out there?

Also if you have one, post it. I'd like to see it.









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I just got a j45 tv done in wine red its gorgeous with bone pins and vintage bone nut and saddle with a factory lr baggs system in it that im looking to sell because i just bought a wildwood custom aj


I'd take one in the wine red any day of the week, better looking than the std burst if you ask me... not so fussed for the cherry, but if it was in wine red, I'd happily take one.

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i paid 3100 for it less then a year ago im in ct and would take 2300 shipped im or email me ill send over pictures


US? Nah mate, 2300 works out at the price of a new J-45 here (1860 Euro), then add shipping, risk and import taxes of about 360-370 Euro on top..... I'd be mental to pay that for a J-45 just for the funky colour when I have a J-45 and a J-50 already.


US value must be doing better, I saw a similar model, but with no end-pin and pickup removed a couple of months ago in the UK for 1180GBP only reason I didn't buy is the shop wouldn't ship to Luxembourg.


Good luck with your sale, I'll have to pass.

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It's a true vintage model which go for 2700 to 3000 new. No offense taken just figured if throw it out there which 2300 was including shipping overseas.


No doubts it's a lovely looking instrument and the price makes more sense with it being a TV model, with the import on top it still takes me over the price of a new TV model here, but just marginally. If I lived stateside we'd be talking on IM's/PM's by now. Lovely looking guitar mate, wish you all the best with the sale. msp_thumbup.gif

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