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Initial pedals to start with

Andrew Riggs

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A chorus pedal would be a good start as you can really get a wide variation of tonal properties from just that one pedal.The Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus is a really good pedal and only costs around $60,as a matter of fact the whole range of Cool Cat Pedals are great bang for the buck.If your amp doesn't have an on-board reverb or delay,the pedal form of one of those would be a great addition.Electro Harmonix makes a very large range of reverb/delay/echo pedals that are very sturdy,reasonably priced and reliable.The E-H Cathedral is an excellent and versatile pedal and only costs about $150,which makes it one of the cheaper ones on the market yet it is one of the best.A good overdrive is a good thing to have in your pedal lineup and the Way-Huge Green Rhino is an excellent choice there ,as it can offer just about any kind of boost from very clean to almost bordering on fuzz.A tremolo or vibrato pedal also can add to your tonal pallet if you don't opt for a chorus.Tremolo is a variation of volume whereas vibrato causes modulation of the note or chord as with the chorus pedals the Cool Cat Vibe and Tremolo pedals are among the cheapest yet they are surprisingly good. As a first pedal I'd stay clear of a wah wah pedal,although it's a cool effect it can become boring and annoying if used too much.That's a few ideas for pedals,roughly in order of usefulness,I hope that it's been of some help to you.

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A good quality Multi fx like the Boss ME 70 works for me...


Based around the well established stomp boxes...


Boost, Chorus, Flange, Phase, OD's various, Delay, Noise Reduction, Reverb, Volume Pedal...


For about the price of 2-3 single pedals...


I like some single pedals too...EHX Delay etc





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