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I've Got A New Recording For You Guys!


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So I know I haven't done this in a while but now I'm back and this time I've decided to go with a little bit of unaccompanied improv instead of doing a cover song.


I start out clean with a few effects added in here and there. I slowly turn up the gain by adding in the Green Rhino and end with some powerful fuzz tones from the Big Muff. I played my Reverend for this one.


Here it is:




I was thinking about doing an Improv Session series and make a few more of these over the next few months. What do you guys think? Do you like it? Should I continue making improvs or go back to cover songs?

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I really like your lead work with the distortion. You got some nice licks there, you didnt mud it out still kept nice overdrine I assume with the Muff and the Green Rhimo helped out there. Like the tone of your Blues , Nicely done on the production. Only critique a little long before I [thumbup] got to the stuff I groove on.

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