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New cheap upgrades to Dove & J-45 Custom


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Just put on some new Tusq bridge pins on the Dove & J-45 Custom. LOVE them. At least to me, much better high end, less boomy bass, much better detail in the tone from each string. Very happy with the Abalone Black pins on the J-45 & the white MOP on the Dove. [thumbup] Next is the new CNC bone saddle for the J-160E reissue (would have liked a ceramic one but too much $$) and a pearl pickguard for the Strat. All my early B-Day presents to myself.


Also, touched up the bone saddle with some sandpaper on the J-45 (it was having some buzz that sounded like from the saddle) and it's gone. What a great day. Only thing that would have made it better is to have gone for a ride on the Road King Classic for about 80-100 joy ride miles. Beautiful here in IA the last week. Mid 70's and dry air. Love that too. [biggrin]



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