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I'm Done Foolin' Around with Pickups


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OK ... after a small fortune spent on pups & pots, waz up with the SG Standard being so much quieter than my LP Standard. I stuffed 57 classics into the SG and absolutely love the clarity and everything about them unitl I put them into the LP.

They were at least 10% louder in the LP.

For the 1st time in all my years, I am convinced that wood really does have something to do with this. I put them back into the SG as my LP does best for my purposes with BB1 & BB2.


The RS pots are the same with both guitars as are the Russian paper & oil caps.

Anybody else notice these kinds of results in there Gibson pickup swaps??

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I've seen similar results. I used to have a Korean Epiphone Sheraton that I put a pair of Gibson 57s (my all time favorite humbucker) in. My Sunrise Orange Platinum SG Special has a 57+ in the bridge and a P94 in the neck. Even with that hotter pickup in the SG, that Sheraton was LOUDER; a lot louder. And it had that semi-hollow ES-335 richness. The SG still had a tighter tone; being a solid piece of mahogany goodness.

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