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I have three of the yellow Gibson 100% cotton polish cloths I use on my SG and PRS SE Santana.

I have read that using a microfiber one is not the best, as it can scratch a nitro finish.


Amazon no longer has the Gibson cloths under a Prime Membership, but I found a 100% cotton Planet Waves one.

Planet Waves Untreated Polish Cloth


I had bought their microfiber one shortly before my SG came in, but have not used it after reading up on it that it was not good for a nitro finish.


Ordering several of these to try out since they are all cotton.

I like to keep one in each case, so when I get done playing, I wipe the guitar down before I put it away.

I also clean the strings each time with one of these after playing too, and I keep one in each case as well.

The String Cleaner by ToneGear



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