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Epiphone Ultra Nanomag question


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Hello all,


I have an Epiphone Les Paul Ultra II with the Shadow Nanomag pickup that I picked up in trade few weeks ago. It sounds and plays great. I noticed that inside the control cavity there is a circuit board attached to the cover/battery compartment and it has a small switch on it as shown in the attached picture. I have done a search of the forum here and a google search where I found the Shadow Nanomag website. The website there has a schematic of the Nanomag control and pickup wiring but it doesn't show this switch as far as I can tell. Other than that I haven't seen any references to what that switch is supposed to do and what the "correct" setting should be. I'm thinking maybe it's a phase switch?


Any help towards answering this question is appreciated and apologies if it has been asked/answered here before.



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