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Loads of RJ L1 looking guitars


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I want to buy a Robert Johnson L1 guitar. I want that for some time now. Finaly I have my budget but...

If I search the net for the guitar I want I get overwhelmed by all those good looking guitars.

the shop where I bought my ES175 has got some L200 and J45 and 1 L-1.

But I also want to try L-0 and L-00 and L-1, L-2, L-3, L-4, L-7, L-10, L-12, L-30, L-37 (maybe some of those are not available at all in a store! But where can I find that info?)


I checked other stores but all I find is L200, J45 and also 1 has got a Gibson Blues king VS. Also I found a keb Mo Bluesmaster but only onlinestore. At Thmanns I see a L-1 VOS and a LG-2 small body VSB.


I have checked the dutch section here on the forum, I am from Belgium and The netherlands and Belgium are not that big countries but I cannot find a good store with more models to test.

How can I buy a guitar if I cannot compare. I did that with the Es175 and that was an exception.

If all models I found in stores near Belgium/ Netherlands where in the same store I could compare, but now 1 model in one store and another in that store and two others in the last store, that is difficult.


So send me your L models so I can test. I live in Belgium, street nr blablabla, I will send them back in good condition.


serious...are there stores in Belgium / Netherlands from which I cannot find the web page that has got loads of accoustic Gibsons?

I tried Keymusic, Guitar King, Vriese Music Palace, Rockpalace, Thomann.

Or do we Belgians need to order via online stores?

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