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Cables : Reference lab , ESP Custom lab, Elixir


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Are they good? top notch?


Basically, after digging through the music shops in this country, ive ofund shops selling these brands :


1) Reference Lab cables

2) Esp Custom Lab cables

3) Elixir cables


For the first 2 i couldn't find any reviews online, reference is some italian company, ESP Custom lab is a japanese company and everything on their site is japanese.


Now elixir ive checked online, a 3m cable is 35 pounds, the shop that's selling them is selling them at 25 pounds each, and it's known to rip people off, and it's in the center of the biggest mall in the country, so u can assume they'd have high prices to compensate.


Is there a cheaper variant of them ? do they not know how much it's actually worth ?

And if any have heard good points on the first 2 brands ive mentioned it would be helpful! Thanks

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