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Steinberger GL2TA & GL3TA


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I have 2 Steinbergers I'm considering selling in the near future. I am the original owner of both. One is a black GL2TA I purchased in Baltimore in 1986 and it has an additional toggle switch(came on the guitar from the factory so it may be a prototype...) that gives 2 levels of boost. It uses the strings that screw into the transtrem. The other is a white GL3TA that I ordered in spring 1987 through the same store and it was shipped to me in New Orleans directly from the factory. It uses the strings that just drop into the transtrem. I used to play both quite a bit in the late 80's-early nineties. Now they are in storage doing nothing so I may let them go. No Original cases but replacement Steinberger cases.

I have tried to put a value on them but it seems to be all over the map.

Any help from anyone here would be greatly appreciated!!!

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