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Case for 50th Anniversary Epi 1960 LP Standard


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I bought a used 50th Anniversary Epiphone 1960 LP Standard and the original owner had sold the limited edition pink lined case that came with it when he needed some cash. Unfortunately he also didn't keep the COA or any of the case candy. I verified the serial # with Gibson support but for obvious reasons can't get a replacement COA.


I am looking for either a used 50th anniversary case (probably very hard to find unless someone destroyed a guitar while not in the case) or something similar by Epiphone. I have only seen grey lined Epiphone cases. Is this something that comes out in limited runs from time to time? Any other case makers have a pink lined case that would fit Epi LP's? If not I may just go with the Epiphone Les Paul Hard Case since I assume that would fit a 1960 50th LP. Thanks!



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