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2004 FBV Neck Sound Clip


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Hey about to do some more experimenting with pups on my beloved FBV.

I'm moving the neck ceramic (16k) down to replace bridge ceramic (24k) and stuffing a SD Antiquity 2 back into neck (6.23k)


Here's a short sound clip of the stock Gibson ceramic neck pup before I re-locate her.


This is played dry & flat with no tricks or toys, cable to amp only.

All settings are at 12 noon including volume.

Amp is Marshall 100W 2466 with Greenback slant cab.

Mic is SM57 placed off axis 3ft away from bottom speaker.


I will post finished instal tonight after honey-do list is complete msp_blushing.gif




OK ... Neck Antiquity 2 is the best. Neck ceramic in bridge sucks as bad as bridge ceramic did. Antiquity is very 'airy', well defined, Tele-like but with P90 power. Gotta prepare for oncoming hurricane ... will post results when it passes.


BTW .. I ordered the bridge Antiquity yesterday ... I had to after hearing my new new neck pup.

GIBSON ... that money could've gone to you for your new Alnico Tribute pups but you wouldn't sell 'em to me [cursing]

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