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NGD...cherry Dot


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First time poster long time Tele player. Spotted this lille beauty at a local music store and just had to have. Loving tbe sweet mellow sustain from this guitar. My first jazzbox and first humbucker. Lowered the action an.d now the neck really comfortable. The Dot is a perfect complement to my singe coil Tele. And at $380 Canadian an amazing bang for guitar buck.Tried to upload pics from my phone but keep getting a message that file is too large?

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Dots are great guitars, without regard to their purchase price...They are good blues an jazz guitars, great for rock & roll, and just GP guitar playing. I have 2 of them, and the only change or mod I recommend it to get a hard case. That fine guitar deserves it.


NOTE_Take some time to set up the pups using a screwdriver to find the "sweet spot" for the bridge pup and balance the sound of the neck pup to that...or do it the pother way around. People like to replace these Epi pups, but I fine they are great when adjusted...save the money to buy a good solid case.




enjoy it.



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I think I'm a bit older even than "old mark," but I'll "ditto" everything he said.


Especially, please, please get a decent hard case for it.


Then it's a matter of setup to make yourself happy and figuring how to mess with the pickups, pots and your amp to get what you want in sound for a given bit of your music.


One thing: If you've been playing Fenders, you'll find that the Dot and other Epi necks will have a very different feel which can encourage a somewhat different technique. Let yourself be "loose" in how you do your left hand work, and you might be surprised at what things might seem quite a bit easier. Some Epi/Gibbie players have found the same "new feelings and ideas" switching to Fender necks, but personally after trying them off and on for nearly 50 years, I've never owned a Fender 6-string.




The forum has a total maximum of 500 kilobytes of photo per member at a given time.


So... if you shrink a photo in whatever little photo editing program you have with your operating system, figure a 5 inch by 7 inch photo at 128 dots per inch resolution should work. In theory most computers will still let us see that same photo half decently at 72 dots per inch resolution.



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