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Burstbuckers in a 335


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Does anyone have burstbuckers in their 335? Did it come with burstbuckers or did you change to them from whatever came stock? I have a recent 335 Dot with 57 classic humbuckers and it has always sounded a little dark to me. I also have a Les Paul that does have burstbuckers in it and am much happier with the sound. It is brighter and has more bite, so I'm thinking about the possibility of changing my 57 classics to burstbuckers in the 335 and hope for the same result. I'm just not sure what to expect since we are talking about two different body styles. Also, there are different types of burstbuckers from what I have been able to determine. How are burstbucker pros different than other BBs?


If you have burstbuckers in your 335, how about a short review? Thanks for any input and/or recommendations.

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I have a 335 with 57's and a 335-S with Burstbuckers


For me that is ideal...one of each


IMO the 57's complement the character of the semi ES 335 to perfection


The 335-S is a different animal more suited to the stingier side of things...





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Hi there,


I have a es 335 block inlay, which has burstbuckers and a Les Paul with classic 57. I like the burstbuckers in my es 335 more than the 57, because they sound a little more airy and snappy , more like a single coil.

I think due to the body construction your les Paul will always sound less muddy (or should I say woody) than the es, but if you what to make the es sound brighter, changing to burstbuckers seems like a good option to me.

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