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Action on 64 J-45

Joe B

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I have a 64 Gibson J-45 in excellent shape. No playing wear. When I got it I noticed that the bridge needed to be reset. It had pulled forward maybe 1/16" and was causing a little lacquer wave in front of bridge. It was also a bit sharp. My luthier is resetting the bridge now.


When I first got the guitar the saddle was adjusted rather high and so was the action. I brought the adj saddle down until the screws started to resist, but did not push it. The saddle still was a bit high at about 3/16".


My luthier said the neck angle was OK and did not need a reset. We have discussed routing the saddle slot slightly lower to improve the action.


Why are the saddles on the 60's Adj Gibsons always not adjustable enough?

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