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Yet Another Weekend Game


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Hello blessed members, Boarders, incarnated Forumites, everyone –

Remember I posted a thread some time ago where this Board was compared to a village.


Some got the image – others were more reluctant.


Prepare for an intense visual quiz.


A picture and further instruction will emerge here within a few hours or 5 -

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Okay – here we go. In this Bruegel painting from 1559, the artist miraculously manage to capture the circumstances under which this merry Forum exists and rolls forward. What we see, is a poignant portrait of a community active in many different fields, yet united by a theme and an intention - to make the village work on as many levels as possible.


The task :

Point out 4 details that stand as direct signs of the mentioned theme. Write them down in row and await the vibrating result during Sunday.

Some #'s are more obvious than others, still everyone should be able to participate.



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No idea if I'm doing this right or not, but... This is what I can see (Gibson related):


1. A pic on the roof (top right corner) of a man, that I have to say looks a lot like Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell), with a guitar beside him)


2. A J200 on a ledge under the red flag.


3. A guy playing a guitar beside the porch (more or less in the middle of the pic)


4. A guy playing guitar (top right corner of pic near the boat)

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I cant inflate the picture to get a good close look cause my browser is defective...what a work that picture is.


My wife read a book that I think was "A World lit only by Fire"..which describes Breugels world.

(Vaguely)..the grains were stored but by the end of the season or batch, the grains at the bottom,including the delicious rodent droppings...had fermented to a certain extent that the breads they made resulted in

what has been described as "crazy bread". And thats what the people were eating cause thats what there was...and they were hallucinating.



..well out of topic..

In 1993 we were in London..and I was looking through the window admiring a painting like this on an inside wall of a small shoppe. And the lady behind the desk very nicely gestured us to come in & see it.

What a painting, just like ones we'd seen in books....

After a little while I remarked to her..it looks just like the original..

And she says, it is the original.

I looked to the right at the tag ... £1,000,000. Peter Bruegel.


In New York such a thing could never happen..letting a couple of regular people in...here they want to see your credentials,all dressed up & validate you before they give a moments attention.

Real base behavior in such a high end field.

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And the answers -

#1 – The man reaching for the sunburst J-200 (although he already has a bird).

#2 – Bob Dylan playing Peter Yarrow's square shouldered Southern Jumbo behind the porch.


#3 – Donovan sitting by the bay-side fingerpicking his ceramic saddled silk'n'steel stringed 1964 cherryburst J-45.


#4 – None else than Orville Gibson overlooking the whole scene from the upper window in the main building.


Which means Hairy Dave comes in as the clear Gold Straight Shooter. Imagine you're used to doing a lot of Where's Waldo with your kids Dave – things like that pay off in the end -



The same to every other participant, active or spectating. Your replies were hilarious and resulted in small explosions of good healthy laughs in this temple. Hep for the creativity and spirit fellows - Guarantee my next thread will come on a more serious note.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ColorOrvilleGibsonwoodcutportraitwatercolorresingraveengravingguitarmandolinhistorybyseattleartistDrewChristie2-1.jpg . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .





Merseybeat1963 that bread-story sure explains a lot, , , , guess the loaf here is all these wooden 6-strings.

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Dave , has Em7 emailed you the pickup information on the first prize yet....The 1964 Tea Burst Hummingbird? ...for some reason the details seem to have disappeared from his original post..... :rolleyes:


Unfortunately not Flatbaroque... can you recommend a good lawyer in case he tries to back out of it? [flapper]

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First Place for # of posts - Hairy Dave

Second Place - FlatBaroque

Honorary Mention - all those who posted fewer than one time and were assumed to be happily playing their Gibson's instead.

Footnote - Peter Yarrow played a Martin (D28s I believe), so EM7s #2 is disqualified.

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