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What trivia do you NOT actually know...


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I've just been surprised twice in the space of a minute by a couple of ACTUAL facts about Mark Knopfler...


1) He's Scottish, not English. Born in Glasgow. Moved to Newcastle age 7.


2) He's left-handed...


What have you discovered you didn't quite know - but thought you did?



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Guest Rabs Vista

Les Paul did not invent the solid guitar...


Les Paul did not design the Les Paul


The Les Paul custom in not (generally) a custom shop model.


A tremello device on a guitar does not make a tremello effect, it's vibrato.


F# and Gb are not the same note in physics, despite what our fretboards tell us.


There is no such thing as a sucking force.


Electrons flow from negative to positive. When this terminology was invented, science had it wrong, hence the confusion.


Electrons move at aproximately 1.3 mph through copper (pretty slow hey? It might take days for an electron to get from a power plant yo your house)


A CD has 2mm of parity based error correction. Our cd players jump on scratched discs because manufacturers don't build this into the control logic to save money.


I have more, common misconceptions are one of my favourite things.

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1) Jackie Robinson was NOT the first black major league baseball player. (Moses Walker, 1884)


2) General Custer lost at Little Big Horn. (He was actually a Lieutenant Colonel at the time)


3) The Emancipation Proclamation ended Slavery. (It actually freed only Southern slaves, although the document had no validity since Jefferson Davis, not Lincoln was not the President of the Confederacy. Northern slaves -yes, there were Northern slaves,were not only not freed, but many were forced to fight as solders for the North until the end of the war.)


4) There are not 50 U.S. states. (There are 46, and 4 'commonwealths')


5) Barbra Streisand has sold more records than Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash, and Tom Petty combined-140 Million. (OK, that one is true. How sick is that!?! [crying])

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1. The Green Bay Packers are older than the NFL but, were not charter members of the NFL.

2. The APFA started in 1920 and changed it's name to the NFL in 1922.

3. The Green Bay Packers won 3 championships in a row on 2 separate occasions, 2 of them Super Bowl I and II.

4. The Green Bay Packers have by far won the most championships in NFL history.



I went to Vince Lombardi Junior High in Green Bay, and am a rabid football fan. I survived 30 years of losing football seasons, with my head held high. So, I can take the abuse I'm sure to get from non packer fans.

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F# and Gb are not the same note in physics, despite what our fretboards tell us.






Actually F# and Gb are not the same note in any way. When you play an F# as say a root note it is not the same way you would approach it as the 3rd of a D chord. The way you play it and what you imply by using that note is totally different and should be approached in different ways.

A guitar and diatonic music is based on a tempered scale which makes some slight adjustments because if you followed the strict sense of the frequency (physics) your guitar would sound like crap. This is one reason why some good guitar tuners have "sweetened tuning".


Now forget all that and just have fun and make music.

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