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1973 Gibson Les Paul Standard help!


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Hi Guys,


I own a beautiful 1973 Gibson Les Paul Standard! I love it. but I am not a HUGE LP Player...more into SG.


The thing is that it is the best sounding LP I have ever played.


Anyway, I am thinking about selling it, cause times are not easy, and I cannot find the actual value of a guitar of this sort.

On eBay I only found repaired 73's, shops ask for a 74 4500$ give or take...no 73's I found...


Is it really rare for a standard LP to be from 1973? I read it was custom order, only around 74 they began to be manufactured in bigger quantities...


SO If any of you guys can share some info regards the rarity of these guitars and the average price I should get if selling it it'd be great.


It's all original, in pretty clean condition, nothing changed.


Also, if anyone got a chance to play other early 70's Standards I'd love to know if they all sound sooooo good...


Find pic (yeah sorry just one) and demos of it here


cheers and thanks!


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Before I jump into this discussion, I would like you to furnish enough detailed information to indeed confirm that it IS a 1973. Yes there were a few Standards made in '73, but serial number alone is not enough to identify them.


So... If you would like to furnish some detailed photos (especially front and back of the headstock), the serial number and the potentiometer codes, I'll be glad to tell what a little quick research in published sources can tell you about your guitar.

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Hi Guys,

Yeah I know that they're similar to the deluxe model of 72-76 and not the ones that collectors seek for but being from 73 makes it more valuable than the 74-76 the market is flooded with.

I mean, I haven't seen many 73 ones besides this one and few non original ones....not to even mention a 72 one..

Anyway here's a picture of the pots with are all from 1973 and the serial is 174*** which says it was made "approximately in: 1970, 1971 or 1972" - the usual serial number mess of Gibbys

post-37171-083445700 1346829711_thumb.jpg

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Well Jaco if the (original) pots are from '73 then the guitar could be from '73 or even '74 and surely won't be any earlier.I don't think you should make much of the fact that it's a '73. The Norlin era Les Pauls are good guitars by all accounts...they're just not much collectable. (relative to the late 60's ones with one-piece necks and bodies). The modern Les Pauls, especially the Customshop models, are much much closer to the real thing of the 50's. Older is not always better or valuable to be honest.

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I have a 73 LP Standard and was told that only 4 Standards were shipped in 73. Mine has pots that start w 13773xx. Made in late 73.


Mine also has a really nice book matched two piece curly maple top, and it's a 1958 Reissue. Knobs are darker than similar era Deluxe LP's.

I am only aware of one other such guitar, seen on eBay, and it has a 3 piece top, similar to a Deluxe.

They are asking $5,000 or so for it. I have seen one other 73 Std and it was not a 58 Reissue, and had a three piece top.


BTW, mine plays and sounds like a LP should... Absolutely wonderful.

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I also have a Gibson Les Paul deluxe from 1973 special order from Kalamazoo  with a curly maple top and original PAT humbuckers. The pots date to the 36th week of 1973. The finish is original and it’s actually stamped inside the control cavity pre-production. Everything on the guitar is original however the truss rod cover says DeLuxe....Any idea what this is worth?




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 I bought one of the 1973 tobacco sunbursts I was Told at Gattusso's   Music in Canton Ohio . That the color was a soft satin finish and they shipped out 50 in 1973. I saved up $500.00 at $1.25 an hour bought it in the basement in early April 1974

 The sales dude sold it to me with the hard-shell case Gibson leather strap Black  a set of extra Slinky's. 09 up a couple of Ball Picks (thin). $497.62. I played in a few Basement bands with

  Some good dudes. I knew Phil Keaggy of Glass Harp Played a 1970 Cherry Burst Deluxe  let me play it in Akron at a Christian Concert. at EJ Thomas He went to Kent but was From Salem, Ohio he knew me from the Canton Jesus People center. And he played at our Parks and I went with him. Another Dude from Perry Heights Ohio had a Band called Barnstorm  I had a chance to buy his Blue Metallic Venture's Bass. He was at my Mother in Laws  Funeral he was a Friend to In Law's. (Allison's) Clayton.. I bought this guitar to emulate them Joe Walsh and Philip Keaggy. I had several acoustics like a Blonde Maple Guild Madeira Guitar 1972 But I wanted a les Paul My Uncle Vernon Stout had one my mom bought at the pawn in Canton Ohio. in 1962 it had to be an older model like a 57 or 58. My Les Paul was stolen from a Commune in 1975. I know the thief but lost the receipt and the Gattuso's Music on Cleveland Ave burnt down while I was in the Army in 1977. The dude stole it from himself two more times and it was in the local papers but not the color of the guitar he took it from his own car twice. Mine said standard on the cover the pick guard and trim was Cream colored and the humbuckers were wide  . Now I am a Partially disabled Veteran and can't afford a Standard.

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