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My dad taught me to take care of what I've got. So, I decided to make a dust cover for my Vox AC4TV. I learned a couple things from the experience...


1) I suck at sewing.


2) I don't ever want to make another amp dust cover again. Ever.





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That's not all that bad esp. for first time job. You could always flip the folds that are around the handle to the inside and re-stitch to finish that even better.


I took my hand at sewing years back with making a down parka & vest. Made several coats & vests and still have them even. Turned out really nice. Use to sew up stuff sacks & bags for my camping/backpacking days too when I was a Scoutmaster for 10 yrs. and had a Boy Scout troop.



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Good Job!

Sewing builds character.

It's difficult and men don't do it unless of course they need to sew a button back on, put on a patch or mend a hole.


I wish I had taken a sewing elective in High School. Being able to make stage cloths would be an incredible asset to a fledgling band with no backing.

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