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Any love for Ziggy Stardust


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The album was out for about 6 or 7 years before I developed a love for it. It wasn't until the new wave music of the late 70's caught my attention that the album became relevant for me. I didn't listen to it for about 20 years until I acquired it from Napster in the late 90's. To me it is a classic, I put the head phone on and just get lost in it.



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Are you kidding me?,, this album epitomizes Bowie for me..


Wait,, Let me correct that... So many great Bowie albums,, mmmmm ,,, it's either Ziggy Stardust or Alladin Sane,,,No,,wait.,, Alladin Sane,, and Hunky Dory,,, Ahhh hell... Let's just say for me Bowie is in the rotating number 5 position. I have my top 5,, and number 5 rotates,, and Bowie is right up there.


In no particular order.. except number one is pretty much a given.. [thumbup]


Number 1 - Zappa

Number 2 - Neil Young

Number 3 - Jimi Hendrix

Number 4 - Pink Floyd


Number 5 - Rotating,, between,,,,


King Crimson

David Bowie

Jethro Tull

I have at least 10 more to fit in this spot.

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