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Armstrong - Reg Lindsay


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This is the song that comes to my mind.

My wife calls this one (& Daydream Believer) the "pethaki " songs....(pethaki is little boy, or little child in Greek)



She was telling me with what amazement,anticipation & hope she as a little girl..family & many neighbors sat in front of they're television set to see this in Guatemala.

That day her mother bought a special blue colored see through covering for the tv screen so that it would simuate a color tv :... (

Thats the hope really, that this country gave to so many people around the world.. just for leadership for a more just & better way for the world.

But it has just gone on to do like all others have in the past..what hope is next China..phh!


God Bless Mr.Armstrong..John & Robert Kennedy..& every other good American that tried..

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I watched in awe as he stepped down on to the surface of the moon. For centuries, man looked at the moon in the sky. In the magic summer of 1969, Armstrong, and Aldrin turned the page in the history of man kind. RIP Neil Armstrong.

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