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Top 5 all time


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So tell me,,,


What are your top 5 all time favorite bands??


That inspire you,,, that you listen to,, that you love...

I know that's near frickin impossible to say,, so here's the catch.


Your number 5 can rotate... Give me your top 4,, then fill number 5 with your 3 next favorite artists. You can only have 3 bands in the number 5 position.


Here's mine


In no particular order,, except number one is pretty much a given.. [thumbup]


Number 1 - Zappa

Number 2 - Neil Young

Number 3 - Jimi Hendrix

Number 4 - Pink Floyd


Number 5 - Rotating,, between,,,,


King Crimson

David Bowie

Jethro Tull



FYI,,, I have seen them all live,, except Jimi.




Part II


Let's hear your bucket list of accomplishments. How many of your top picks have you seen live?



I have seen all but one,, Jimi,, but he sadly he was gone before I was old enough to see him in concert.

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1. Rush

2. Thin Lizzy

3. Gary Moore

4. U.F.O./anything with Michael Schenker

5. Ace Frehley


I've seen Ace. I'm trying to go see Rush on their upcoming tour. I never did get to see Gary, unfortunately. As far as Lizzy goes, I don't care for the new version (still love Scott and Brian though!), as I think no Phil=no Lizzy.


Seeing Schenker live is on my list (he tends to tour more in Europe), and although U.F.O. without Schenker doesn't draw me in too much, I'd still pay to see them with Vinnie Moore.

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1. The Miles Davis Quintet with Herbie, Wayne, Jack, and Ron.

2. The Beatles

3. The Rolling Stones

4. Any band with Bob Dylan,

5. 1) Jeff Beck Group

2) Cream

3) Led Zep


Part II

I have seen Miles twice once with this band and once with another group.

Saw The Beatles at Shea in 1964

Gonna see Dylan next month.

I've seen Beck a bunch of times from BBA to current.. this man kills on guitar.

Saw Zep about three or four times first one being at the Filmore East in 1969.

Never saw Clapton play.

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Don't know if I can do it... certainly not ranked


However these seem to be the ones with the most staying power in my listening over the years and probably have had the most influence on my playing (in alpha order)


Allman Brothers






Here are some that could be contenders if not for the absolute awesomeness of those above (in the order they popped into my brain)


Rolling Stones


The James Gang

Black Sabbath

Lynyrd Skynyrd


Thin Lizzy

Deep Purple


And finally here are the top 5 newer bands in my recent listening... (in order of their awesomeness)


Mount Carmel


Radio Moscow

Tame Impala


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I forgot to mention that I saw The Stones play right after they came out with Sticky Fingers. I liked them at the time but was not a huge fan untill I saw them live (Mick Taylor and Bill Wyman). Now I've seen some remarkable shows with Led Zep, Santana, Beck, and others but let me tell you there is nothing that comes close to the Stones live. It does not come across in video or audio but the electricity in the air is something I have never felt as intense with any other band. It really is magic.

If and when they do a 50th anniversary tour do yourself a favor and check them out. Even if you are not a big fan. They will blow you away and you will see why they are called "The Greatest Rock and Roll Band".

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1. AC-DC

2. Thin Lizzy

3. Jimi Hendrix

4. ZZ-Top

5. Turbonegro (mainly cause i like 'em live, its just great fun to be at their shows)

Skambankt (Another kick *** Norwegian rock band)

Raga Rockers (Norwegian band that started in the 80s, kinda dint like 'em then, but they age like fine wine. the two latest albums are amazing.


Have seen all live without Jimi.

Thin Lizzy was without Phil Lynott, so ......

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Only 5???

I have a blues top 5 and a punk top 10 and a metal top 5 and classic music top 5 and pop music top ...o yea also some otherbands I like top.

sorry I skipp this one there are too many good bands and my favorite top list changes from day to day.

We are spoiledI guess.

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